• Very late - took 1.25 hrs for delivery!

    S Apr 10, 2014 rating 3
  • My favorite restaurant. however, didnt like the tandoori chicken i ordered last time.

    Dharmesh Jan 26, 2014 rating 4.3
  • Very pleased with the food delivered by Cinnamon Lounge. Prompt delivery and tasty food. They supplied me free cobra beer and pappodoms also. Indeed I will order again.

    Binoy Jul 17, 2010 rating 5
  • Food was delivered hot and within a reasonable time. Have ordered from here several times and the food never disappoints. The Tandoori Lamb Chops and Chatpata Wings must be tried!

    K May 23, 2012 rating 4
  • Specific instructions to use less oil and butter were given while making the order online. Inspite of that the main veg dish was filled with oil and butter!!

    Ashwini Oct 16, 2013 rating 2.7
  • Tried the prawns this time, not bad, well cooked, not chewy. My usual favourite mmmm Mongolian Chicken, it is just so incredibly tasty and the raiti cools down the chilli hotness perfectly. Cooked in olive oil by request rather than ghee so good for my cholesterol busting, meat and prawns grilled rather than fried. Yes a good quality takeaway and a treat for the end of the week. It's what the weekend's all about.

    Rita Feb 24, 2012 rating 4
  • This is the first time we've used the "hungryhouse" website and we were so glad we stumbled open it! The food was great - the chicken succulent and the lamb just "melted in your mouth". The breads were tasty and we appreciated the added touch of the poppadoms and selection of dips. We'd definitely order from the Cinnamon Lounge again.

    Maria Aug 6, 2011 rating 4

On the grapevine

  • Not too spicy
  • Please Pack veg & Non Veg separately. Pack Naan with Veg
  • lots of sauce please
  • No ghee please
  • Please NO fish, only prawns - thank you.
  • Please no diary no butter no oil
  • Cooked with olive oil
  • Cooked without ghee please
  • Cooked in olive oil please
  • Cooked with olive oil please
  • please include mango chutney dip.thanks!
  • spicy - medium hot
  • No onions if possible
  • No onion if possible
  • This is for kid, pls make it mild and preferably fried only
  • No bell peppers or tomatoes

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