• Of all the Indian restaurants delivering in my area, Cinnamon Lounge is quickly becoming my favourite, after ordering twice and eating at their nice venue in Isleworth last week. I recommend the Chilli Paneer, it is unique. However tonight they forgot my paneer butter masala for 6.95, so I called and next time I will get one free. I am only leaving this comment to ensure I will get it. It is really worth ordering from this restaurant and eating at the venue. It is a converted British pub, so the atmosphere is quite familiar and pleasant.

    R Mar 31, 2010 rating 4.7
  • great once again :-)

    Emilio Dec 4, 2013 rating 5
  • Great food, great service.

    Matthew Sep 24, 2011 rating 5
  • My favorite restaurant. however, didnt like the tandoori chicken i ordered last time.

    Dharmesh Jan 26, 2014 rating 4.3
  • Hello I order yesterday the first time and I will do again. The food was really good. I order for two people and the food was so mutch that we can´t eat all. The bread was very very very good. The service is really nice and the delivery time was really fast. The food taste fresh and hot when we get it. :-)

    Melanie Apr 12, 2010 rating 4.3
  • Just lovely food. The portions were right, had plain rice and the Mongolian chicken with the chilli and fenugreek is JUST to die for. Cooled by some very tasty raita. I just really really enjoy eating from here and also because delivery is more often than not well within the 45 minutes and I get to choose that the food is cooked in olive oil which is far less heavy than ghee and makes for a palatable easily digestible meal. Thoroughly recommend it.

    Rita Oct 12, 2011 rating 5
  • Excellent food and service - The paneer mongolian was an unusual dish - but very well made and tasty. The chilli paneer was perhaps a little less spicy than I am used to, but that's my fault for writing "please make as mild as possible" - they clearly listened! The paneer butter masala was exceptionally tasty. All 3 dishes had very generous portions - and unlike other restaurants the paneer pieces were cooked EXACTLY right - i.e. not undercooked (chewy) nor overcooked (hard). Even the raita (yoghurt with vegetable portions) was extremely well packed in a plastic container, as were the 3 dishes - NOTHING LEAKED - and 3 tubs of mango/ tamarind/ yoghurt chutneys were included - as well as 2 free poppadums. Only loses 1 star for value, as at £6.95 the paneer butter masala was a little pricey - however, the raita at just £0.95 pence (yes, you read that correctly) was incredibly good value - they made it look attractive, and it was very tasty - not just thrown together. So while I have given 4 stars for "Value" - consider it more like 4 and a half. Really excellent food - the delivery was BANG on time as well - 100% recommended - and they deliver late too (up to almost midnight). Well done!

    Sateesh Jun 17, 2011 rating 4.7

On the grapevine

  • No chicken required, just sauce please
  • Not too spicy
  • Please Pack veg & Non Veg separately. Pack Naan with Veg
  • lots of sauce please
  • No ghee please
  • Please NO fish, only prawns - thank you.
  • Please no diary no butter no oil
  • Cooked with olive oil
  • Cooked without ghee please
  • Cooked in olive oil please
  • Cooked with olive oil please
  • please include mango chutney dip.thanks!
  • spicy - medium hot
  • No onions if possible
  • No onion if possible
  • This is for kid, pls make it mild and preferably fried only
  • No bell peppers or tomatoes

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